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Who We Are

EnformHR is a Human Resources consulting firm offering the full gamut of HR Services. We customize our services to support the goals, operations, and culture of each client.

We are a true business partner, known for our commitment to quality, our industry expertise, and exceptional customer service.

EnformHR helps businesses create and/or maintain HR functions that support their company’s goals and objectives. As a result, our clients are able to focus on running and growing their business, knowing their people needs are being met.

How We Are Different

EnformHR was founded to provide customized HR services for every business. For some companies, the needs are great and complex. For many others, a few templates and training sessions will do. This is the value of EnformHR; companies choose the level of consultative services that are right for them.

At EnformHR, we provide customized, flexible, HR services to support your business, your people, and your vision.

Our Mission

To provide a full range of customized, flexible, and hands-on HR consultative services designed to help companies protect and grow their businesses.

Our Vision

To be regarded as the premier provider of human resources services and true business partner, known for our commitment to quality, our industry expertise, and exceptional customer service.


Value Proposition

We are not the only HR Consulting firm in the market, so what makes us innovative and original; in short what differentiates us from the competition? Three things:

We can work on or off-site, ramp our hours up or down, use clients’ email addresses/servers or ours, do the job ourselves or train their internal staff, all depending on what’s best for the client.

We don’t template or white-paper people to death. We customize our offerings to the client and provide meaningful guidance and execution.

Our HR Team comes from a diverse professional background and our clients span across professional to blue collar industries, public to private, and union to non-union. As a result, we are able to bring a wealth of Best Practices solutions to meet each client’s needs.

"I have worked with the team at EnformHR over the past 10 years. They are now the only Human Resource firm I refer to my clients. EnformHR’s expertise and knowledge in all aspects of HR and compliance surpasses all other Human Resource Firms..."

- Theresa Semple, President - Semple Solutions LLC

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