Recruiting and hiring

Recruiting and Hiring

Draft and Post Ads, Highlighting Requirements and Benefits of the Job

Review Resumes and Phone Screen Qualified Applicants

Coordinate Interviews and Train Managers on Questions to Ask/ And Pitfalls to Avoid

Check References

Extend the Offer and Conduct Background Check and/or Drug Test

Coordinate Orientation, Including Completion of New Hire Paperwork

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Drafting Job Descriptions

We help draft job descriptions for each position and review and update those that are already in place so that they accurately reflect the qualifications and duties of the position.

Screening Candidates

We review resumes and phone screen qualified candidates against a targeted set of questions to determine if an in-person interview is the appropriate next step.

Interview Assessment Tools

We provide clients with tools to aid in the interview process and train hiring managers how to conduct interviews to be compliant and ferret out the best candidate for the job.

Placing Ads

We recommend the best recruiting venue, draft the ads, and place the ads/job postings with selected websites, job boards, newspapers, universities and associations to attract the best talent.

New Hire Onboarding

We prepare for the new hire’s first day: coordinating technology, office space, and business cards. We then complete all the new hire paperwork and submit to the appropriate parties (payroll, insurance carriers, etc.) so the client doesn’t have to worry that something was missed. Finally, we welcome the new employee to the organization, sending a company-wide announcement and making personal introductions to new colleagues (studies show that employee satisfaction and retention begin from the minute a job offer is extended-see case study).

Conducting Pre-Employment Test

We conduct reference checks and coordinate background, drug, and physical testing with our preferred vendors, helping clients mitigate the risk of hiring the wrong person.

Offer Letter

We draft the offer letter, customized to the client, so that key components of the employment agreement are outlined in writing, helping eliminate “misunderstandings” down the road.

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"We are very grateful for the work that EnformHR did for us in helping to formalize our human resource policies. Cristina and her team helped us streamline the hiring process, think through retention allowances, and ensure that any termination is handled by the “book.” As a company with employees spread throughout the country, her expertise in identifying state specific concerns was particularly relevant. We highly recommend using EnformHR for any human resources needs."

- Amol Luhadia, Director of Operations - US Pharma Lab, Inc.

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