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We develop state-specific handbooks, customized to your organization, to communicate policies and benefits to employees and help your company comply with state and federal employment regulations.

Employee handbooks outline your expectations of employee behavior and performance, which help guide employee action as well as support managers in directing their team. They help ensure employees are treated fairly and consistently and are an organization’s first line of defense against charges of discrimination and favoritism.

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Employee Handbook Guides and Insights

When to update your employee handbook and how

When To Update Your Employee Handbook and How

Employee handbooks are not just a long list of ingrained rules employees have to follow. Instead, they are a beneficial and necessary part of operating a business that helps outline your expectations of employee behavior, instructs your employees on what they need to know in order to be successful, and, ...
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Employee handbook policies

What Policies Should Be Included in an Employee Handbook

Once we get past why every business needs an employee handbook (that’s a subject for another blog), we are next asked what policies should be included. Since what you put in your handbook can come back to haunt you, let’s start with what should not be included: Promises of any ...
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Employee handbook mistakes

Which of These Employee Handbook Writing Mistakes is Your Firm Making?

I have seen and helped write my fair share of employee handbooks during my years at Enform HR. Some manuals are so choke-full of legalese that you have to be a lawyer to decipher them, while others go the extra mile to be reader-friendly. Both approaches to writing have their ...
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Up-to-date employee handbook

Protect Your Company with an Up-to-Date Employee Handbook

It may seem like a chore to keep an up-to-date employee handbook, but if you run a company, utilizing one is crucial for the success and security of your business. An employee handbook is an important tool for communication between you and your employees. A good handbook should put forward ...
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