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As an entrepreneur or business owner, you have more important things to consider than your daily administrative HR responsibilities. It doesn’t matter if your company is small or large - administration tasks such as payroll and compliance procedures can consume hours of your precious time.

The solution? Our Outsourced HR services.

By passing off some of the more tedious (but necessary) tasks to an HR organization, you can afford to spend more time on your company’s growth, risk management tactics, and future success.

EnformHR helps businesses like yours unlock the benefits of outsourcing human resources. We’ll handle your people - you oversee your business.

What Does It Mean to Outsource HR Services in NJ?

When you outsource your human resources responsibilities, you engage and pay an outside source, like EnformHR, for HR help. Our dedicated HR Business Partners can be your dedicated HR department, but on a part-time basis, or supplement your already taxed HR person. You’re paying for access to our resources, including highly trained, well-educated professionals who know exactly how to handle your HR needs and provide solutions to challenges.

Instead of choosing to hire in-house HR, experience the benefits of outsourcing and turn the chore over to a team of experts at EnformHR. Rather than spending precious hours on processing payroll every week, outsource the tedious task to fast-working, experienced pros, who can work with any payroll system or vendor of your choice.

As a small business, you likely already outsource many other parts of your company, such as the finance and accounting, and even IT help. Why not do the same for your human resources?

Managing employee benefits alone can be tricky, and a time-consuming job for one person, especially if it is not their area of expertise. There are so many deadlines that have to be adhered to, and making mistakes can cost you dearly.  Also, learning to assess needs and guide employees takes time, which you might not have if you’re busy running other parts of your business. 

Our Outsourced HR services handle the annual benefits enrollment process. Additionally, our team works on a daily basis to meet employee needs, negotiate contracts, and share knowledge.

There’s a world of compliance regulations out there - and it’s our job to keep up with everything. Get help with state and federal laws including FMLA, ADA, EEOC, ERISA, NJLAD, FICA, FUTA, SUTA, and other regulations. We’ll ensure you understand the requirements and help you navigate compliance.

There are many things to consider when disciplining and or terminating an employee.  Sometimes an employee just isn’t a fit and making sure you exit them the right way can reduce your risk and protect morale amongst the team.  Outsourcing onboarding, termination, and corrective actions to our team take a huge weight off your leadership team’s shoulders. Not only does it minimize their workload and exposure, but it also helps maintain a healthy, stress-free environment.

Do you have an employee handbook? If not, it’s time to create one. Though not required by law, a handbook serves as a valuable source of information and guidance for all employees and helps managers administer Company policies fairly and consistently. It should cover a great deal about your company, from its history to its missions and values, as well as important procedures and expectations.

It’s a good idea to have these policies in a written format. This makes it easier for employees to find and helps protect your company against claims of discrimination or unfair treatment. Allow us to walk you through the process of creating a handbook, tailored to your businesses’ needs.

EnformHR’s team will conduct an audit of your company’s files, benefits, and current policies and practices. This allows us to point out flaws and weak points, then design the most effective strategy for your particular situation.

It’s not your job to know which documents you need to collect and retain for employees. It’s ours. We’ll inspect client files, provide customized filing solutions, and ensure all of your i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.

Payroll can be a real pain - especially if you don’t have a designated point person who handles it all. HR managers spend up to 33 percent of their time just dealing with payroll administration. Let us take on the responsibility of paying people on time, as well as filing and remitting the reports your finance and tax team need to maintain compliance.

Almost all HR professionals (89 percent) agree that conducting performance management on an ongoing basis is more effective than scheduling only an annual (or twice-yearly) employee review. If you want to boost your talent and get great feedback from your employees, schedule a performance management discussion with one of our experts.

Recruiting new employees isn’t just time-consuming, it’s competitive. Competition from other employers is THE biggest reason why HR managers struggle to find and hire the right employees. The best way to stand a chance against the competitors? Partner with a top-tier HR company like ours. We’ll handle all of your staffing needs.

Our HR experts will align your people with your company’s strategy. In other words, our team works to bring your corporate missions and objectives into your company culture. 

We achieve this through careful planning, coaching, and change management. If your ideals are too far from your current business state, EnformHR will also oversee the development of new processes and procedures to get you aligned.

The EnformHR team oversees substance abuse testing and other health requirements for new and current employees. Whether it’s drug and alcohol testing or random pool management, we handle the ins and outs so you don’t have to.

Partnering with our human resources company sets your team up for success in many ways. We will implement practices that foster team bonding and formation, as well as efficiency and effectiveness. The stronger your teams are, the more productive they become.

We offer training courses that help with leadership development, corporate change, harassment cases, discipline, and terminations. You can also customize your training requirements based on your specific industry and business needs.

If your workplace is ever the subject of a harassment complaint, you’ll need to conduct a professional investigation that is fair and impartial. This serves as a risk management tool and can minimize the damage in subsequent litigation. Failing to investigate complaints appropriately, on the other hand, can lead to even more lawsuits and legal fees and inhibit proper resolution of the issue at hand.

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Your Strategic Advantage - Why Do It?

You know what HR companies have to offer, but you have to wonder, “Couldn’t I do all of this on my own?”

The answer is yes, but it’s essential that you remember what you’re actually paying for when you partner with a human resources company like ours. You’re not just spending money on our services - you’re paying to speed up processes in a way that your in-house team cannot.

Consider that it:

When you work with EnformHR, you avoid dealing with all of these individual time and financial strains. There’s a monetary advantage to consider, but more importantly, you free up your schedule as a business leader or entrepreneur.

Additionally, there are more than 180 laws issued by the American Department of Labor. That’s a monumental number of regulations to keep track of - and a time-consuming project, to say the least.

Outsourcing your HR isn’t just about taking care of all the nitty-gritty details. It’s about taking yet another big load off your plate so that you can focus on what really matters.

Interim HR Consulting

Beyond our traditional HR services, we offer interim HR consulting. Our qualified human resource experts provide temporary assistance to businesses in whatever capacity is necessary. Sometimes, our interim HR consultants are brought on to help with one big internal project or initiative. In other situations, we’re hired to oversee a transitional period.

Interim HR consulting is an effective way to receive highly specialized help with human resources changes or challenges. We’ll manage your HR functions without missing a beat, and we’ll help out as long as you need them.

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The Enform HR Difference

Enform HR revolves around three core values:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Customization
  3. Expertise

Unlike other human resources outsourcing organizations, we’re available when you need us - whenever that might be. It doesn’t matter if you want us to ramp our hours up or down, work on or off-site. When your team needs our services, our pros are standing by to provide customized approaches.

We’re firmly against cookie-cutter solutions for HR. We know that one size doesn’t fit all, which is why we offer meaningful, case-by-base guidance to all of our clients. Our diverse background and experienced team give us the arsenal of tools necessary to maximize your HR results.

At the end of the day, we believe that human resources isn’t a luxury - It is a vital part of your business. Our outsourced services ensure that HR is never overlooked so that your team can thrive.

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"EnformHR was responsive to our HR needs, always well prepared and on time, working well with the staff and conducting themselves in the most professional manner possible at all times. Their invoices were fair and reflected the work both agreed to and anticipated."

- Philip Kimball, Executive Director (retired)

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