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The Purpose

The HR Audit involves a review of clients’ current policies and practices to identify gaps and design the most effective service strategy for the business. The HR Audit is a crucial first step that EnformHR takes when engagement begins with a new client. The purpose of the HR Audit is to identify areas of strength and weakness and where improvements may be needed. The information gathered from the audit helps determine whether current HR processes comply with State and Federal regulations and support business goals.

The Examination

The HR Audit compares current policies and procedures and compares against HR Best Practices. The examination goes further than just employee record keeping. A proper audit can help identify initiatives to ensure the organization is properly utilizing their human capital, examining multiple factors such as position-fit, productivity, employee engagement, and turnover.

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The Recommendations

The HR Audit includes a comprehensive discussion and review of current practices, policies, and procedures, and often includes benchmarking against organizations of similar size and industry. After the audit, EnformHR will provide a summary of findings and recommendations for the next steps. Specific areas examined in the audit include:

  • Mission, vision, strategic objectives of the organization and how they are disseminated throughout the company and incorporated into HR practices and processes
  • Organizational structure and short-term and long-term goals and objectives
  • Current HR issues
  • Recordkeeping and reporting: I9s, personnel files, new hire reporting
  • Postings: federal and state requirements
  • Policies/procedures and handbooks: including federal and state employment laws


  • Job descriptions: including ADA wording and FLSA classification
  • Recruiting and interviewing processes and paperwork
  • New hire orientation: process, forms, and training
  • Employee performance, recognition and reward program, and process
  • Employee benefits offerings and education
  • Employee separations process, severance packages/release, COBRA and SUI compliance
  • Management training

The Result

Legislation affecting all aspects of Human Resources is constantly evolving and the legal ramifications of noncompliance impact the HR department, the organization, and its employees. An HR Audit can help to ensure compliance while measuring the effectiveness of HR programs in developing and motivating employees. At a minimum, the results of an audit help determine what HR initiatives need to be put in place, how these changes will impact the organization’s bottom line, and how to prioritize problem areas in terms of significance.


"Cristina and her team are consummate professionals. They are easy to deal with, very personable, and knowledgeable about Human Resource issues. They wrote a handbook for my company so that all employees understand the rules about my company, our employee benefits, and the employment laws. I would recommend them highly to anyone interested in maintaining compliance with HR issues. Cristina is a wonderful person and leads a great team. There are not many people I think more highly of than Cristina."

- David Koch, CEO - Two River Benefits Consultants

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