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Soliciting honest feedback from employees and accurately gauging morale is a skill. If you don’t ask the right questions, in the right way, the responses will be predictable and provide no real no insight into core issues. Crafted correctly, survey questions elicit honest feedback and concrete suggestions for improving a situation or capitalizing on a strategic asset.

Our team at EnformHR has unique qualifications when it comes to getting down to what employers want to know. We have experience in market research design and analysis, interviewing employees, and drafting and executing surveys that get results. Our process begins with interviewing the client to understand current issues, needs and goals. We then customize and program the survey and roll out to employees. We track completion and report on findings, making recommendations to the client. Finally, we draft a summary and present to employees along with management so they know their voices were heard and how the company utilizing their valuable feedback.

Priced Individually
Employee Surveys Draft, program, and execute questionnaire to gauge employee morale and the success of Company initiatives; report on findings and recommendations.
Salary Surveys Complete salary survey of comparative relevant positions within competitive and local areas
Employee Trainings Including Non-Harassment/Discrimination, Diversity, teambuilding, Effective Communication, Customer Service, etc

"EnformHR was responsive to our HR needs, always well prepared and on time, working well with the staff and conducting themselves in the most professional manner possible at all times. Their invoices were fair and reflected the work both agreed to and anticipated."

- Philip Kimball, Executive Director (retired)

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