Strategic partnering

Strategic Partnering

Assist with Developing and/or Refining Company Mission, Vision and Core Competencies

Build Culture through Performance Management, Team Events, Surveys, And Training

Support Reorganization, Career Pathing and Succession Management

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We help companies develop their unique corporate vision, mission, and objectives to formalize and communicate a path for success.

EnformHR will help align your people and processes to the company’s business strategy. We partner with management to help develop your company’s unique corporate vision, mission and objectives to formalize and communicate a path for success. We provide organizational change management, executive coaching, and succession planning. Additionally, we conduct corporate and business culture assessments and will implement processes and procedures for your company.

Facilitating alignment of vision, mission & values with operational & strategic planning. Establishing alignment between corporate objectives and departmental goals cascaded into individual performance goals linked to an ongoing accountability & measurement practice

Expert facilitation of management team business planning, organizational restructuring, business process improvement, company communication meetings, organizational culture & change management.

Establishing an integrated process aligning VMV, Strategic Planning, Communication Strategy, Human Resource Management, Training & Development with a measurement & results discipline.

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"It was an extreme pleasure hearing you speak on Monday. I have been going to this conference for the last three years, and I must tell you that it was the best session I have ever attended at the event. You are a great speaker and engaging, as you have the talent of connecting to your audience. As I was walking out, I could hear almost everyone in the room speaking about your presentation and they had the same sentiments. Hope to see you again next year!"

- Michelle DeLucia

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