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Discipline and Termination

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We guide managers and supervisors through the disciplinary process, assist them in documenting warnings and conduct terminations for them when necessary.

Despite at-will employment has become the norm in all states, terminating an employee remains a sensitive and uncomfortable matter. Aside from conversions about an employee’s dismissal, which are always difficult, numerous exceptions to the at-will employment rule exist, and workers still have substantial statutory protection.

An employee discharged for poor performance can sue their employer. It is not uncommon to allege discrimination or wrongfully invoke one of the multiple statutory protections. In the absence of documentation, employers can have a difficult time defending themselves. We can be your defense against such scenarios.

EnformHR ensures that your business has an established performance management strategy. The firm also assumes the responsibility of careful communication at the time of termination and documents every step of the process in detail.

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"Cristina and her team are truly gifted HR professionals. One of the things I admire about them is the personalized service they give to each client, getting an insight into a company’s culture and strategic goals and then immersing themselves in the account. They have a special talent for balancing the company’s needs with employees’ best interests, and they earn the trust of business owners, managers, and employees alike."

- Melissa Oliver, President

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