Team building

Team Building

Survey/Interview Employees to Assess Organization’s Strengths and Opportunities

Organize and Facilitate Company-Wide Events

Provide Communication and Diversity Training to Facilitate Teamwork

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Management team building series customized to facilitate pressing business needs into new solutions & results.

Set up new teams for success with best practices in team formation & work product/process agreements. Reignite existing teams into greater efficiency & effectiveness.  Expedite new project teams into productivity, accountability & team best practices.

Coach & mentor management teams to facilitate front line employee work group & departmental team building & work process improvement.

"Cristina and her team are consummate professionals. They are easy to deal with, very personable, and knowledgeable about Human Resource issues. They wrote a handbook for my company so that all employees understand the rules pertaining to my company, our employee benefits, and the employment laws. I would recommend them highly to anyone interested in maintaining compliance with HR issues. Cristina is a wonderful person and leads a great team. There are not many people I think more highly of than Cristina."

- David Koch, CEO - Two River Benefits Consultants

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