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1. Flexible HR Support

We provide customized, hands-on HR support so clients can focus on running and growing their business, secure that their company is in compliance and their people are taken care of. We customize our services to support the goals, operations, and culture of each client. For some companies, the needs are great and complex. For many others, a few templates and training sessions will do. This is the value of EnformHR; companies choose the level of HR consultative services that is right for them.

EnformHR provides firms the flexibility that having an employee does not. Clients are able to ramp up services when needed (mass hiring, open enrollment period, turnover, active HR projects) and scale back when there are fewer HR needs.

There is also flexibility in pricing and billing. Our services are priced according to the scope of work and needs of the client. Clients can be billed hourly, by project, or per employee per month.

2. Outsourced HR

Many companies do not have enough HR-related work to justify a full-time HR salary or full-blown HR department, yet they recognize that they do have HR needs. They value their employees and want to provide them with a venue to pose questions and air grievances. They value their management team and want to provide them with a resource to help them manage their team and free them from responding to routine benefits and payroll inquiries. And they value their business; they want to protect it from ever-increasing employer liability and get back to focusing on careers they love and to building the business.

This is where we come in. For many clients, we are their fully outsourced HR department, handling everything from payroll to benefits to recruiting and hiring to management coaching to discipline and termination. Our clients may only need part-time support, most often a combination of on and off-site, but want their employees and managers to have full-time access to HR. To address these needs, each client is assigned a primary and secondary HR Generalist, both of whom can provide support outside the traditional contracted hours. We are clients’ full-time HR department without being full-time, ramping up and down as needed to support the business needs.

3. HR Expertise

The EnformHR team has a combined 50+ years’ of HR and management experience, with specialized expertise in the fields of recruiting and hiring, compliance, employee relations, handbook and policy development, benefits administration, performance management, workplace investigations, training and development, discipline, and termination, and payroll and HRIS processing and administration.

4. HR Service

We are recognized as a premier provider of Human Resources services and true business partner, known for our commitment to quality, our industry expertise, and exceptional customer service.

5. Cost Savings

Many companies do not need to hire a full-time HR Director or an added member to their existingin-house HR team; however, they do needHR support. This is where we come in. We can be the fully outsourced HR department (processing payroll, administering benefits, recruiting and hiring employees, coaching managers, responding to employee inquiries) or a partner for ad-hoc projects where external support is preferred(non-harassment/discrimination training and investigations, handbook development, team-building).

Companies with under 100 employees often fill their HR gap with untrained administrative employees such as the office manager or bookkeeper. While experts in their fields, they are not experts in HR, and their lack of knowledge could leave a company exposed to various employment law and benefits violations.

Companies with over 100 employees often have in-house HR, but require additional, expert assistance at times. Their HR team may be overloaded on current projects or dealing with a sensitive internal issue, therefore requiring independent, outside support. Additionally, the use of an outside firm for training and compliance often brings legitimacy to HR efforts that due to familiarity, employees may have previously taken for granted.

EnformHR works with clients to design a service model that works for them. The end result is a customized, efficient HR solution that saves the client money and helps them protect and grow their business.

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