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No one starts a business thinking to themselves, "I hope I can spend lots of time doing administrative HR support functions." Yet small- and mid-sized businesses tend to spend the majority of their time doing just that. In an effort to keep administrative costs low, especially when there are fewer than 50 employees, business owners find themselves spending precious time and capital on hiring, training, payroll, and substance abuse testing. Even mid-sized organizations with a dedicated HR manager often find themselves spending too much time on administration and not enough time on the strategic needs of the business. The answer to this quandary is simple: Outsourced human resources services.

What are HR Outsourcing Services?

The term "outsourcing" literally means to obtain a good or service from an outside source. Whether you know it or not, you are already outsourcing several of your business functions. If you are a small business, you likely have a trusted accountant to make heads or tails of your books. If you are a non-profit organization, you likely have a fundraising arm that brings in capital to keep the lights on and the cogs turning.

HR outsourcing services offer organizations of every size and opportunity to let highly trained, experienced, well-educated professionals in the field handle all aspects of their human resources functions. Find that payroll is taking too much of your time? We can handle that. Need to hire staff but can't spend the time to recruit, interview, and hire? We can take care of that too. Have an HR manager that cannot handle all aspects of their job? We can take care of the administrative aspects of human resources so they can function on the strategic needs of the organization. In fact, HR outsourcing service like EnformHR are equipped to perform these important functions:

Benefits Administration


Discipline & Termination

Employee Handbooks

HR Audits

I-9 Audits and Personnel Files

Management Coaching

Payroll Administration

Performance Management

Recruitment & Hiring

Strategic Partnering

Substance Abuse Testing & Physicals

Team Building

Training & Development

Workplace Investigations

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Your Strategic Advantage

One of the most common questions asked about this type of service is, "Isn't it cheaper to do all of these things in house?" Yes and no. Yes, outsourced human resources comes with a price tag but let's consider what you gain.

• On average, it takes 23.8 days to hire a single employee in the US. If you are a business owner, that is more than four work weeks spent on a task other than your bread and butter. Outsourcing your staffing functions can keep you focused on the mission of your organization.

• The Department of Labor administers and enforces more than 180 laws covering more than 10 million employers in the US. While having a dedicated HR manager can help you remain compliant with regulations covering everything from FMLA to COBRA, start-ups, non-profits and mid-sized businesses without HR personnel may find themselves open to fines and lawsuits for any reported non-compliance. Outsourcing compliance, HR audits, I-9 audits and personnel files may mean the difference between an expensive fine or settlement and remaining open for business.

• According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the average HR manager makes around $110,000 a year of money well spent. For most small- to mid-sized organizations, outsourcing all of your HR functions is considerably less than what you would spend on a high quality HR manager. In cases where you are only seeking some HR support, outsourcing's price tag is well worth it.

Interim HR Consulting

One of the biggest trends we are seeing in HR outsourcing services is interim HR consulting. Qualified experts in human resources are brought on to provide temporary assistance to your business whenever and wherever you need them. Interim HR consultants can also provide additional help for internal projects and initiatives or help you focus on your customers during a transition period. Best of all, these consultants are not the typical candidate you would find in a hiring pool at a traditional staffing agency. They are subject matter experts, capable of effectively managing your HR functions without missing a beat.

The Enform HR Difference

At Enform HR, our approach centers around three core values - flexibility, customization and expertise. Your success hinges in our ability to be flexible. We can work on or off-site, ramp our hours up or down, do the job ourselves or train your staff, all depending on what is best for the long-term organizational health of our clients. We also don't believe in a one-solution-fits-all approach to solutions. We customize our offerings to each client while providing meaningful guidance and individualized execution. But no amount of flexibility or customization will meet the needs of our clients without the professional chops to back it up. Our HR team comes from a diverse professional background and has a wealth of experience with clients spanning industries and sectors. We bring a wealth of best practices solutions to each client's needs.

While outsourced human resource functions may seem like a luxury, they are actually a vital component most businesses weren't aware they were missing. Let Enform HR show you what is possible with our innovative HR solutions and flexible, hands-on support. Fill out the form below today to get started.


"EnformHR was responsive to our HR needs, always well prepared and on time, working well with the staff and conducting themselves in the most professional manner possible at all times. Their invoices were fair and reflected the work both agreed to and anticipated."

- Philip Kimball, Executive Director (retired)

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