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NY City State Sexual Harassment Requirement Compliant

​Is Your Company Compliant with New York State and New York City’s Sexual Harassment Requirements?

By EnformHR / July 26, 2019

​ Is your company compliant with New York State and New York City’s Sexual Harassment Requirements? Sexual Harassment Requirements in New York City and State Both the city and state of New York have their own sexual harassment regulations, which can be confusing to employers. The regulation that is most favorable to employees needs to…

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Employees Workplace - NJ

Avoid Litigation and Protect Reputation with Workplace Harassment Training

By EnformHR / October 3, 2017

What can you do with $13 million? In a country where the median wage of a full-time worker is $863 a week, you can keep six additional employees on your payroll for 48 years. Someone should have whispered this datum into the ears of decision makers at Fox News; when their firm had this money,…

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anti discrimination

Preventing Discrimination in the Workplace

By EnformHR / November 25, 2014

Discrimination in the workplace can take several forms: age, race, religion, health status, sexual orientation and gender. A closer look at recent anti-discrimination lawsuits shows that settlements not only require the payment of hefty fines, but also result in imposition of stringent decrees meant to inhibit discriminatory behavior in the future. However, companies can prevent…

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