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The do’s and don’ts of recruiting

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Recruiting

By Cristina Amyot / February 10, 2020

Recruiting can be a lengthy, difficult and expensive job. Here are some tips that should help to make the process a bit easier! Do: Keep Job Postings Short and Concise In today’s technologically sophisticated world, many job seekers read job posts from their cell phones. Longer posts tend to cause potential applicants to skip the…

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Recruiting new employees

Recruiting New Employees In A “Full Employment” Market

By Cristina Amyot / January 30, 2020

The unemployment rate is at an all-time low of 3.5 percent. We are also nearing a full employment market, which means that labor resources are being used in the most efficient way. To most, a full market may seem like a good thing, and it is, as more people in the talent pool are finding…

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Ban the box nj

NJ’s Ban the Box: What You Need to Know

By Cristina Amyot / February 27, 2015

Overview New Jersey’s Opportunity to Compete Act (the “Act”) (also known as the New Jersey “Ban the Box” law), goes into effect on March 1, 2015.  The new law restricts most employers’ ability to request criminal history information from job applicants.  The law bans the box on job applications that require job applicants to disclose…

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Employee classification policy-nj

The Importance of an Employee Classification Policy

By Cristina Amyot / December 2, 2014

Wage and hour complaints are not as uncommon as you might think. Many employers never consider that their employees might file wage and hour complaints against them. This year has set a new record for the amount of complaints filed, which is truly unsettling since many employees have done their job to earn their pay.…

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Employment application process

Opportunity to Compete Act for Employment in NJ

By Cristina Amyot / October 7, 2014

New Jersey recently passed new legislation, the Opportunity to Compete Act (the “Act”), which bans the box on job applications that require job applicants to disclose criminal history information. The Act is designed to give individuals who have “paid their debts to society” a fresh start with regards to opportunities for employment. What Is The…

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