The Do’s And Don’ts Of Recruiting

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The do’s and don’ts of recruiting

Recruiting can be a lengthy, difficult and expensive job. Here are some tips that should help to make the process a bit easier!

Do: Keep Job Postings Short and Concise

In today’s technologically sophisticated world, many job seekers read job posts from their cell phones. Longer posts tend to cause potential applicants to skip the job or scroll through it without actually reading the important details.

Don’t: Be Too Casual

Though concise, job postings should have a formal tone to them in order to let potential applicants get a feel for what the company and the position are like.

Do: Let Candidates Know What’s In It for Them

Job seekers are not only looking for a job description. They want to know if hired, what incentives they may receive. The number one thing applicants look for within a posting is compensation.

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Don’t: Talk Too Much About the Company

A job seeker wants to know about the position and the pay, not necessarily about the company. Applicants can search company information on their own or find out more at the interview.

Do: Use Gender-Neutral Terms

Wording that comes off as too masculine can drive away female applicants.

Don’t: Rely Solely on Email and Phone Calls

Try texting. As stated above, job seekers are most likely on their cell phones. Often, these individuals would rather answer a simple text message rather than answer a phone call. Text messaging can be convenient, quick and easy on both ends. Just remember, this is NOT a replacement for phone calls. Save the more complex questions and information for a phone call or in-person conversation.

Do: Post Early in the Week

Studies show that jobs posted earlier in the week receive more views and more applicants. Early on Mondays is one of the best times to post a new job.

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