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Confronting workplace incivility how to foster a positive work environment

Confronting Workplace Incivility: How to Foster a Positive Work Environment

By Cristina Amyot / April 9, 2024

Workplace incivility refers to rude, disrespectful, or insensitive behavior in the workplace that can negatively affect the overall work environment. This can include behaviors such as belittling comments, gossiping, ignoring colleagues, or displaying a lack of professionalism. In its simplest form, workplace incivility refers to any behavior that disrupts the normal flow of work.  The…

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Why communications training is a “must” for 2023

Why Communications Training is a “Must” for 2023

By Cristina Amyot / February 27, 2023

Good communication is an invaluable core competency for every organization. Oftentimes, focusing on building communication skills can be easily overlooked, but believe it or not, almost every success in an organization is grounded in effective communication. There are many different types of skills that are embedded in communication, and if executed the right way, developing…

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