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New Jersey Pay Equity

New Jersey Pay Equity Blog

By Cristina Amyot / February 18, 2020 /

New Jersey is one of few states with a strong focus on pay equity. Rather than only focus on the fight for equal pay based on sex and race, New Jersey is taking it a step further with a fight for equal pay based on all factors mentioned in the Law Against Discrimination (LAD). In…

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The Do’s and Don’ts Of Recruiting

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Recruiting

By Cristina Amyot / February 10, 2020 /

Recruiting can be a lengthy, difficult and expensive job. Here are some tips that should help to make the process a bit easier! Do: Keep Job Postings Short and Concise In today’s technologically sophisticated world, many job seekers read job posts from their cell phones. Longer posts tend to cause potential applicants to skip the…

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Recruiting New Employees

Recruiting New Employees In A “Full Employment” Market

By Cristina Amyot / January 30, 2020 /

The unemployment rate is at an all-time low of 3.5 percent. We are also nearing a full employment market, which means that labor resources are being used in the most efficient way. To most, a full market may seem like a good thing, and it is, as more people in the talent pool are finding…

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Salary History Ban

Salary History Ban – What Does This Mean For Your Business?

By Cristina Amyot / January 1, 2020 /

New Jersey has followed the lead of numerous other states and cities, and, effective January 1, 2020, enacted a “Salary History Ban” in an effort to reduce or eliminate wage gaps in the workforce. This ban may affect your current hiring practices, so it is important to understand what this means for your business and…

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NJ Commuter Benefit Law

NJ Commuter Benefit Law

By Cristina Amyot / November 18, 2019 /

Not everyone is lucky enough to work from home every day, or even a few days a week. Though more companies are implementing work from home days, most employees are still required to commute to and from work, multiple days a week, and commuting to and from work costs employees money. Commuters aren’t just spending…

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How to retain top talent

How to Retain Top Talent?

By Cristina Amyot / January 25, 2019 /

Two out of three millennials think they’ll leave their current employer by 2020. Regarding employee retention, this is a significant problem. If their primary needs aren’t met, they’ll walk out of the door. As an HR consulting firm with years of experience, we’ve learned some of the main points that influence employee retention in modern…

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Employee Handbook - EnformHR

Which of These Employee Handbook Writing Mistakes is Your Firm Making?

By Cristina Amyot / April 9, 2018 /

I have seen and helped write my fair share of employee handbooks during my years at Enform HR. Some manuals are so choke-full of legalese that you have to be a lawyer to decipher them, while others go the extra mile to be reader-friendly. Both approaches to writing have their pros and cons. Stiff, Professional…

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Employees Workplace - NJ

Avoid Litigation and Protect Reputation with Workplace Harassment Training

By Cristina Amyot / October 3, 2017 /

What can you do with $13 million? In a country where the median wage of a full-time worker is $863 a week, you can keep six additional employees on your payroll for 48 years. Someone should have whispered this datum into the ears of decision makers at Fox News; when their firm had this money,…

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Training And Development - NJ

Janet Werner Appointed Training and Development Director for EnformHR

By Cristina Amyot / November 29, 2016 /

Janet Werner, Manalapan, has been appointed the director of training and development for the human resources consulting firm EnformHR, Tinton Falls, NJ. Werner will work with the EnformHR team to help clients approach business challenges through relationship management, customized training, team building, and leadership coaching, among other best practices. Werner, the past president of JWH…

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HR Consulting - NJ

Enform HR CEO Honored as Entrepreneur

By Cristina Amyot / August 16, 2016 /

We are proud to announce that Cristina L. Amyot of Jackson, our president and CEO of EnformHR, will receive the 2016 National Entrepreneur Business Award of Excellence from Odyssey International Productions, an organization that recognizes small-business owners who have contributed significantly to the development of their communities and small businesses. Read More….

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