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Creating value through effective hr strategy

Creating Value Through Effective HR Strategy

By EnformHR / August 11, 2022

Imagine building a house on your own without a general contractor. It can be done. You could go to Home Depot and rent demolition equipment; I’m sure there’s a manual. You could research piping and wiring and source Italian granite for your countertops. And you could most certainly find a “guy,” who knows a “guy,”…

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8 questions to help develop a successful strategic hr plan

8 Questions to Help Develop a Successful Strategic HR Plan

By EnformHR / July 19, 2022

During the past few years, businesses across the globe have faced numerous unique and exceptional challenges. Many businesses were forced to make significant changes to their operations and figure out how to push forward with organizational goals while dealing with substantial and rapid changes. But, we’re here now… and there’s no time like the present…

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The importance of a great job description

The Importance of a Great Job Description

By EnformHR / July 14, 2022

Have you ever thrown out your back? Brutal. The spine of the human body is central to our every movement. It provides our bodies with a solid foundation and protects the integrity of almost all of the vital functions we use daily.  Job descriptions serve an identical purpose for human resources in that they support…

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Tips for more productive team meetings

Tips For More Productive Team Meetings

By EnformHR / June 14, 2022

“This meeting could have been an email.” Does this sound familiar? Whether it’s meant as a lighthearted remark or a genuine concern, team meetings are a significant business function that should add, not detract, from your organization’s productivity. Whether your team is working remotely, in the office, or in a hybrid approach, there are some…

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Tips on engaging the remote workforce

Management 2.0: Tips on Engaging the Remote Workforce

By EnformHR / April 20, 2022

Let’s talk tech.  Which iPhone do you have? 12,  13,  13Pro?   Sleek. Mod. Hip. I feel bad for the stubborn ones stuck with a 6, like my parents, who decline upgrades just to stay with what they know. Would you ever refuse an iOS upgrade and forgo those enhanced camera options?  No, never. Who…

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Risks of non compliance how it affects your business

Risks of Non-Compliance and How it Affects Your Business

By EnformHR / March 29, 2022

No one likes rules, and being the parent of teenagers has only accentuated that fact for me. Just when teenagers are feeling empowered, when they are catching their stride, when they are developing into something great …rules! Ugh – Buzz Kill. From their perspective, rules just get in the way of something way more appealing…

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Help employees cope with change in the workplace

How to Help Your Employees Cope with Change in the Workplace

By EnformHR / February 16, 2022

On March 9, 2020, WebMD author Stephanie Watson wrote an article titled Causes of Stress & Their Effects on Your Health.  If she only knew then that mere days from publishing the article, nearly every human on the planet would embark on the rollercoaster of stress of the COVID-19 pandemic.   Lockdown – mask mandates…

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The great resignation how employers can keep their top talent

The Great Resignation:
How Employers Can Keep Their Top Talent

By EnformHR / January 14, 2022

The Great Depression, The Great Recession, and now… The Great Resignation.  Regardless of whether or not you work in HR, you have likely heard this term in recent months.  The Great Resignation is an idea coined by Texas A&M professor Anthony Klotz that predicts a large number of people leaving their jobs after the COVID-19…

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Why your business needs job descriptions for every position

Why Your Business Needs Job Descriptions for Every Position

By EnformHR / September 29, 2021

We run into many businesses that don’t think they need job descriptions. Their reasons are versions of, “We’re a small business so everyone around here does everything” and “Everyone knows their jobs and what they need to do.” Well, that’s often not the case nor does it address the many reasons job descriptions are essential…

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New jersey business secure choice

New Jersey Business Secure Choice

By EnformHR / April 14, 2021

In an effort to help more employees save for retirement, New Jersey has implemented a new law mandating employers to provide a plan for their employees – The New Jersey Secure Choice program. This is a state-sponsored retirement savings plan for businesses in lieu of a 401k or other qualified plan structure. What is New…

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