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What the $1.9 Trillion COVID-19 Relief Bill Means for Your Business

What the $1.9 Trillion COVID-19 Relief Bill Means for Your Business

By EnformHR / March 11, 2021

Congress officially passed the American Rescue Plan (ARP) to provide assistance to individuals and businesses struggling due to COVID-19. This $1.9 trillion bill, expected to be signed on Friday, March 12 by President Biden, will be one of the largest stimulus packages in US history, providing broad-based aid to state and local governments, and hard-hit…

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COVID Pandemic to Endemic? <br/>What Employers Need to Know 1

COVID Pandemic to Endemic?
What Employers Need to Know

By EnformHR / January 18, 2021

Lately, clients have been asking us when the COVID-19 pandemic will end and life will return to normal. The truth is, we may already be in the “new normal,” or at least, very close to it. Recent studies and publications have shown us that COVID-19 is most likely around for the long-haul, moving the status…

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Training And Development - NJ

Janet Werner Appointed Training and Development Director for EnformHR

By EnformHR / November 29, 2016

Janet Werner, Manalapan, has been appointed the director of training and development for the human resources consulting firm EnformHR, Tinton Falls, NJ. Werner will work with the EnformHR team to help clients approach business challenges through relationship management, customized training, team building, and leadership coaching, among other best practices. Werner, the past president of JWH…

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The Most Common HR Mistakes Small Businesses Make - NJ

The Most Common HR Mistakes Small Businesses Make

By Eric Amyot / May 26, 2016

Economists say that developed countries are in the backs of small and medium businesses. This is true considering that in 2010 alone, there are 27.9 million small businesses in the US. This number accounts for over 54% of the total sales in the country. But the problem is that a lot of businesses close shop, even…

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How Simple HR Consulting in NJ Can Revive Your Business - NJ

How Simple HR Consulting Can Revive Your Business

By EnformHR / May 26, 2016

Businesses fail for a number of reasons. It can be poor management, lack of funds, or even bad strategies. Sometimes, they hire the wrong people for the job or there is no proper mediation between business and employees so the brand just crumbles. All these things can easily be solved by HR consulting firms. The…

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Role-Role of HR Businesss Partner - NJ

Role of HR Business Partner

By EnformHR / June 23, 2015

Your company requires skilled staff so that it can run efficiently today and grow into the future market. The right people can make this dream a reality, while the wrong ones may destroy it. Various levels of human resource management are necessary for this, depending on the size and scope of your company, including an…

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