Role of HR Business Partner

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Your company requires skilled staff so that it can run efficiently today and grow into the future market. The right people can make this dream a reality, while the wrong ones may destroy it. Various levels of human resource management are necessary for this, depending on the size and scope of your company, including an HR business partner.

Role-role of hr businesss partner

Though the traditional model for human resources focuses on administrative duties regarding personnel, including legal compliance, documentation and hiring/firing employees, the duties in the general HR category have expanded. Today, an increasing number of companies are utilizing specified forms of HR consultants, including Outsourced HR business partner, coordinators and specialists. By understanding the job requirements for each, you can determine which will advance your objectives and provide the greatest return on investment.

Description of HR Business Partner

Your partner in this regard ensures that personnel are in line with the business objectives. Employees not suited to their current positions may require additional training or replacement so that your goals are attainable. These professionals know what is necessary today, and can anticipate future needs. As a proactive partner, their job is to create innovative solutions and coordinate your teams to achieve them. The role as strategic consultant focuses highly on the mission of change and advancement.

Additionally, the HR business partner has the responsibility to remain abreast of business finances and future plans. An understanding about the culture within the company, and the society within which it is set, are also needful for those fulfilling this position. The individual dedicates sufficient time to understanding the competition so that your company remains ambitious in retaining market shares. Depending upon the size of operations, the partner may also have international duties.


  • Allows management to focus on company operations
  • More efficient and productive work environment
  • Development and advancement of employees with greater potential than their current positions allow
  • Proper discipline for those unable to adhere to company standards
  • Superior screening of applicants so new hires are capable to meet and exceed expectations

As an agent of change, the HR business partner is there to assist in restructuring your business into a win-win environment. By placing employees in positions where their natural skills are developed, and they can thrive; these personnel are able to excel in their duties. Their personal satisfaction at meeting challenges well translates into a better return of your investment into their training and payroll expenses.

Primary Functions of Position

When selecting someone for the HR business partner model, you will discuss your needs and expectations regarding their role within the company. The tailoring of these requirements so that both parties are satisfied by the agreement is essential to success. However, the general functions include:

  • Development of employment contracts for new and existing positions
  • Regularly scheduled meetings at various levels to ensure compliance and smooth operations
  • Harassment training to eliminate discriminatory practices within the workplace
  • Investigation and troubleshooting allegations regarding employee relations with the goal of successful resolution
  • Developing and updating policies and programs, including employee training manuals and handbooks
  • Communication with all team members so morale and retention rates are high due to positive relationships and excellent productivity
  • Guidance and responsibility regarding business restructures, particularly ensuring that the positions created are appropriate and well-defined

Your HR business partner must have adequate experience in the field and a willingness to remain informed of changes within the industry, particularly legal aspects related to personnel management. A flexible, open mind is needed for troubleshooting the various challenges that the position entails ensuring competitiveness. Additionally, the person must have superior communication skills and the ability to effectively manage and solve problems through analysis and data interpretation.

If you are prepared to make significant changes to advance your business model, an HR business partner is a fantastic strategic ally for your plans. Incorporating a consultant for these matters into your daily operations allows your employees to excel and your company to move forward with innovative and competitive strategies.

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Cristina Amyot, SPHR, the firm’s President, leads the HR Services Group. Ms. Amyot graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management from Rutgers University. She holds a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification from the Human Resources Certification Institute and a Life, Accident, and Health Insurance License from the State of New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance.

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